10 Foods To Enhance Your Immune System

What Is Black Radish Good For

There are several varieties of radish black, green, Japanese radish – daikon, radish – dwarf. Black radish is the first on the list. There`re a lot of elements that determine the degree of its usefulness for the immune system such as:
vitamin C in the tops and in the peel, which is recommended to cut a thin layer,
in the core – fiber, necessary for digestion, and vegetable sugars, useful for the heart,
in the tail most of all essential oils that stimulate immunity.

Vitamins and other useful substances are distributed in the radish unevenly. That`s why It`s important to eat all of its parts.

Black radish is most effective for raising the immunity in its raw form. In order to avoid the burning taste it is recommended to rub a radish on a grater and soak in cold water for 15-25 minutes. Then, squeeze and add it to the salad.