10 Steps To Prevent Illness


A person inevitably worsens his immunity by not getting enough sleep. Go to bed early, regardless of whether you consider yourself a lark or an owl. Sleep until midnight is the most valuable. Rest in the dark and turn off all the electronic devices in the room. If it is impossible to create complete darkness in your bedroom, use the sleeping mask. Take care to sleep 7-8 hours daily.


Household chores does not count! Give physical exercises at least 15-20 minutes daily or 40-60 minutes 3 times a week. It is advisable to perform power (anaerobic) exercises , and not just aerobic exercises.

Cold and hot shower

Contrast showers stimulate the production of white blood cells, which strengthens the immune system, improves the body’s thermoregulation, destroys viruses, eliminates stagnant processes in the body, strengthens the nervous system and strengthens the ability to withstand stress. And this is only a small part of the beneficial properties of the contrast shower.


Coffee , coke, black and green tea – these drinks stimulate the nervous system, forcing the body to spend its own reserves when it needs rest. With prolonged stimulation of the nervous system, the body is constantly in an excited state. The nervous system experiences prolonged systematic stress. This stress causes the depletion of nerve cells and disrupts the normal functioning of all body systems (the immune system, including). In addition, caffeine interferes with the assimilation of many vitamins and minerals and promotes their excretion from the body, which also has a detrimental effect on immunity.

Proper nutrition

Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables, greens, various seeds and nuts. Use as few as possible ready-made products with a lot of food additives, such as preservatives , flavors , dyes , stabilizers, thickeners , etc. Reduce the amount of sweet, meat and dairy products – they all create a favorable environment for the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, reduce the body’s resistance. Proper nutrition means also sufficient food. Do not sit on diets! Low calorie and a variety of mono diets have a very negative effect on immunity. And the effect is only temporary. If you want to get rid of excess weight, you need to understand what are the reasons for completeness and change the way of life, then you can easily lose weight without being on diet.

Alcohol and cigarettes are enemies of immunity

Quit completely or reduce to a minimum the use of alcohol and stop smoking ( you can quit smoking and without much willpower , the main thing is to find the right stimulus for yourself).


The most effective means of cleansing the body and restoring all systems is a regular 24 hour fasting on the water, repeated every 1-2 weeks. Such fasting will help to increase immunity in the shortest possible time.

Intimate relationship

Intimate life is the easiest and most pleasant way to increase immunity.


Meditation helps relieve stress and increase immunity. Of course, if you actively do not like meditation classes, they will not benefit and it is better to refuse them.


Walking in nature – by the sea, in a forest or park – perfectly restores strength and strengthens immunity. Try to visit nature as often as possible.